Merry Lumber Company


EverStake is specifically made for vegetable farms. With EverStake, you have a dependable source and a high-quality product that may cost less than what you are currently using.

"We are so happy with them, we are considering using them in all organic production ares."
Pacific Tomato Growers

Merry Lumber

We buy and sell hardwoods for domestic and international distribution. Our wholesale lumber is on grade, delivered on time, export prepped, export tallied, export packaged and end waxed. We sell to domestic distributors and our brand has been well-known in the furniture industry since 2008.

Woodpecker Lumber

Woodpecker Lumber is the export side of our business. For international customers, we locate specific lumber types, grades and specifications and get it delivered on time to the desired location. Our Woodpecker brand of lumber is very well-known in the Chinese markets we serve.